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Networking for Home

Is your internet speed stuck in the slow lane? Slow internet during gaming, constant buffering while streaming and frustrating video calls can be so frustrating!

Get lightning-fast internet with Heyo Smart’s home networking installation services, no matter where you live. Forget the limitations of traditional providers. Heyo Smart gives you a faster connection, so you can stream, game, and work from home without any interruptions. 

Networking for Business

Boost your business connectivity with our business networking solutions! Don’t let your devices get interrupted or slow down. 

No more downtime worries - better bandwidth and cost-effectiveness got you covered. Boost productivity by streamlining operations with our trustworthy business networking services. 

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Networking for Rural Areas

Fed up with unreliable internet in rural areas in New Jersey & Pennsylvania? You’re not alone! Heyo Smart understands the frustration. 

That’s why we’re here to offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our team conducts on-site surveys to understand your unique needs and to provide personalized solutions. Whether you need fast rural roam or reliable access points, we have it all.

On-site Survey

At Heyo Smart, your needs are our priority! We conduct detailed surveys at your place to better understand what you need from your internet connection. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, we analyze factors like signal strength and network congestion to craft a personalized solution just for you. No matter your location, we guarantee fast and reliable internet access for your home, business, or rural area.

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Ethernet/Wired Network

Enjoy exceptional speed and stability with our wired network solutions, perfect for demanding tasks and data-intensive environments. 

Our Ethernet solutions are perfect for gamers and small businesses. They provide reliable performance with minimal interference.

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Wireless Access Points

Discover Heyo Smart’s Wireless Access Points (WAPs) - the significant change for spotty Wi-Fi.


Unlike Ethernet cables that restrain you to a fixed location, Heyo Smart WAPs offer wireless freedom, allowing you to roam your home or business freely with a strong, consistent signal. 

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Next-gen WiFi

Next-gen WiFi (or WiFi 7) is a significant improvement over traditional WiFi, offering lightning-fast speeds, wider coverage, and seamless performance for all your devices.


Experience uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and browsing with no more dead zones. 

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Satellite internet

Explore satellite internet - the perfect solution for staying connected in remote areas!


Satellite internet is a lifesaver when there’s no cable or fiber. Its ability to give reliable internet access over sizable areas makes it a lifeline for remote users.

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Cellular Booster

Enjoy exceptional speed and stability with our wired network solutions, perfect for demanding tasks and data-intensive environments. 

Our Ethernet solutions are perfect for gamers and small businesses. They provide reliable performance with minimal interference.

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LTE/5G Cellular Network

5G is a big upgrade from 4G, offering faster speeds for instant downloads and smoother streaming.


5G offers incredibly fast speeds and improved reliability, revolutionizing internet browsing, streaming, and communication. 

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Multiple internet service providers (Multi-ISPs) allows you to use multiple internet service providers instead of just one. You can ensure redundancy and flexibility in your network.


If one internet service provider goes down, Multi-ISPs automatically switches to another, so you stay connected without any interruption. 

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PtP Wireless Bridge

A Point-to-point Wireless Bridge creates a wireless connection between two points without using cables or fiber optic connections.


With this technology, you can get the internet in remote locations where traditional infrastructure won’t work or is nonexistent. 

Our Installation Process

Get seamless connectivity with Heyo Smart’s all-inclusive network design and installation services. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back from beginning to end. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

At Heyo Smart, we value providing exceptional customer care throughout the entire process. We’re here for you from the start to the finish and beyond. We’ll make sure your network is always top-notch and that you’re always satisfied.



We’ll understand your needs by having you fill out a form, where we’ll pay close attention to important details like size, structure, and layout.


Our thorough approach helps us uncover hidden opportunities and optimize network coverage.


On-site Survey

A certified technician will visit your location. We'll assess factors like building materials, potential interference, and ideal access point placements.


Using advanced tools, we'll create a heat map to visualize your current Wi-Fi coverage and identify any weak signal zones.


System Design

Based on the consultation and on-site survey, our engineers will design a tailored network solution.


This includes selecting the optimal equipment, number of access points, and cabling layout to meet your specific needs.


On-site Installation

​We’re focused on doing a thorough job, ensuring every aspect is done perfectly.

This involves making sure all cables are hidden and arranged neatly to keep the area clean and free of clutter. 


Post-service support

Our friendly support team is always available to answer any questions or troubleshoot any network issues you might encounter.


We're here to ensure your network runs smoothly for the long term.

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