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What Is A Media Room?

Searching for the perfect home entertainment center? A media room is your answer!


A media room can be whatever you want it to be - a cozy home theater, an epic gaming room, or a versatile space for all your activities. 

At Heyo Smart, we excel in creating customized game room designs and media room installations. We understand the importance of personalization, which is why our experts work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your distinctive style and fulfills your requirements. We manage every step, from picking the best equipment to installing it without any issues. 

Ready to turn your vision into reality? Contact us today and let’s build your dream media room together!

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3d room design.jpg

Customized 3D Design

Heyo Smart offers personalized 3D design service for game and media rooms.


Just imagine chilling in your own badass home theater, with epic movies and the coolest audiovisual setup ever. Or a perfect gaming space designed for top performance, with the newest consoles and accessories.

We carefully plan every detail of your space, including layout, furniture, acoustics, and lighting. Whether you’re into movies, games, or both, Heyo Smart customizes each design to fit your style and interests.

av configuration.jpg

AV Configuration

We start by understanding your preferences, whether it’s immersive movie nights, adrenaline-fueled gaming sessions, or multi TV game room.


We select top brands in the industry and find gear tailored to your specific usage requirements. 


Our precise system design enables effortless connectivity and the option to play music in multiple rooms. Plus, we fine-tune every detail through advanced calibration for optimal performance.

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Centralized Control

Simplify your entertainment experience with the Loxone app or voice commands. Adjust lighting, volume, temperature, and motorized screens all in one place. 


Reduce eyestrain and enhance immersion with intelligent lighting that adapts to movie scenes or game dynamics, elevating your experience. 

With multi-room audio and smart home integration, Loxone connects your entertainment space with the rest of your home for a truly connected experience. Save energy and enjoy peace of mind with Loxone automated features.


Providing exceptional customer care is a core value at Heyo Smart, and we go above and beyond to ensure that support continues long after the initial stage. After the initial stage, our support continues to be available as we are fully committed to providing ongoing help throughout your entire journey with us, ensuring your satisfaction.

From the moment you begin your purchase journey to even after it is finished, our commitment is to offer you prompt and attentive help, ensuring that you are fully satisfied.



During our consultation, we'll focus on your gaming preferences or movie-watching habits. We'll discuss everything from seating arrangements to audiovisual equipment, ensuring every detail is tailored to your entertainment needs.


System Design

From choosing the perfect gaming console to selecting the ideal surround sound system, we'll make a game room design that maximizes your enjoyment and immersion.


On-site Installation

Sit back as we bring your vision to life. Our expert technicians handle every media room equipment installation, ensuring seamless integration for immersive gaming and movie experiences.


Testing & Training

Our thorough testing process ensures that every aspect of your game or media room setup is functioning perfectly. Plus, we'll provide personalized training so you can confidently navigate your new entertainment system.


Post-service support

Whether you have questions about your gaming setup or need troubleshooting assistance for your media room, we're here to help you enjoy your entertainment space to the fullest.

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