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Maximize savings while minimizing environmental impact – it's the Heyo Smart way!

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Electric Car Charging Station

EV Charging Installation

Electric vehicles are the future, and Heyo Smart provides seamless EV charging installation. Loxone integrates energy management system in electric vehicle, allowing you to:

Schedule Charging

Take advantage of off-peak electricity rates by scheduling charging cycles during low-demand periods.

Solar Integration

Our system ensures your EV gets charged using solar energy whenever available, minimizing your grid dependency.

Monitor Charging Status

Conveniently track charging progress and energy consumption through our control app.

Solar Power Systems

Heyo Smart offers expert installation of solar energy management systems. Paired with Loxone, you can maximize solar energy utilization, reduce reliance on the grid, and potentially see significant savings on your electricity bills.  

Smartly Manage Energy Flow

Our system prioritizes solar energy usage, ensuring your home utilizes self-generated power whenever possible.

Optimize Battery Storage (if applicable)

If you've got a battery storage system, our system ensures optimal charging and discharging cycles, prolonging battery life and boosting self-sufficiency.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

Keep tabs on your solar power generation and consumption in real-time with the easy-to-use control app..

Solar Panels on Roof



We use Loxone, a powerful and user-friendly smart home system, as the brain behind your energy savings. 

This powerful tech brain seamlessly connects with all your eco-friendly solutions, transforming your home into a smart energy haven.  


Imagine solar panels, EV chargers, and smart appliances working together to  save you money and reduce your environmental impact. 


That's the power of Loxone energy management systems!

Luxurious Kitchen

Energy Management System

 With Loxone, you're not just saving energy – you're making a positive impact. 

By relying more on solar energy and less on traditional sources, you're helping build a greener future.

Plus, lowering your electricity bills means more money in your pocket, making your smart home energy management system investment pay off in the long run.

Conference Room

Energy Management System

Heyo Smart doesn't just cater to homes. We offer Loxone-based BEMS solutions for larger buildings, providing centralized control and monitoring of energy usage across various systems like lighting, HVAC, and more.


This translates to  significant cost savings and a  more sustainable footprint for commercial properties. 

Book your consultation today to power up your savings!

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