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Make your house a stylish and comfortable retreat. Everything can be controlled with a single touch or voice command, including the lights, music, and temperature.


Experience the stars like never before with safe outdoor TV mounts. With automated security, you can relax and always feel at ease.


 With Loxone,  luxury living is redefined, enabling you to create the ideal atmosphere at all times. 

Why Is LOXONE The New Future Of Smart Automation?

Today, we're all too familiar with the concept of smart homes (also known as Smart Home 2.0). We control lighting systems, thermostats, and more using voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa. 

But in a world where time and convenience matter most, just using voice commands might not be enough for you!


That's where Loxone home automation comes in. It's changing how we do things at home, making everyday tasks easier, cozier, and safer.



Instead of asking a virtual assistant to turn lights on or off, wouldn't it be great if the lights automatically turned off when you left home, or turned on when you arrived?


Imagine a home where everything works seamlessly and accurately, meeting your needs before you even realize them.

Loxone is about

 turning a house into "your house"  

where all the devices inside can understand and anticipate your desires, even without you having to say anything. 

loxone smart technology.jpg


From intelligent lighting and climate control to seamless entertainment and advanced security features, Loxone offers the ultimate in modern living. Explore their range of products and transform your home into a smarter, more connected space today!

loxone energy managment.png

Energy Management

Cut costs and save energy effortlessly! Our smart tech tracks usage, automates tasks, and adapts to your routine. Integrated with solar panels, it's your ticket to a sustainable living. 


Loxone’s smart lights adjust to your needs, with dimming and color control for the perfect atmosphere. They save energy by automatically turning off when not needed. 

Loxone Smart Lights.png


Save energy, enhance privacy, and enjoy comfort. Loxone’s blinds adjust to natural light, boost security, and can be controlled remotely.

Loxone smart shades.png

Climate Control

Save up to 40% on energy bills while customizing room temperatures for comfort. With automatic adjustments based on occupancy and easy control through the Loxone App.

Loxone smart thermostat.png


Enjoy personalized sound in every room, from waking up to your favorite tunes to enhancing movie nights with high-quality audio. Control it all from anywhere with the Loxone App.

loxone multiroom audio.png

Safety & Security

Enjoy peace of mind with features like motion detection and video intercoms, all manageable through the Loxone App. Protect your privacy without cloud subscriptions.

Loxone self-monitored security system.png

Outdoor Management

Automate maintenance tasks like pool cleaning and garden watering for hassle-free upkeep. Plus, you can set the perfect mood with automated lighting and music control

Loxone pool control.png

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) 

From preventing falls to regulating temperature, Loxone fosters comfort and well-being. No more reliance on caregivers while ensuring peace of mind with remote access via Loxone App.


How can Heyo Smart personalize your LOXONE system?

Heyo Smart takes personalization to the next level, ensuring that your Loxone smart home is not only intelligent but also perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.


Here's how Heyo Smart adds that personal touch to your Loxone system:

We connect with your favorite virtual assistant...

Have you gotten used to having virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Alexa around?


Don't worry, Heyo Smart can integrate seamlessly with your favorite virtual assistant. This means you can easily control your Loxone devices using voice commands, just like you're used to.

We connect with everything you need!

Heyo Smart goes beyond virtual assistants – we connect with everything you need. We partner with many manufacturers of lighting, shading, AV system, and more to ensure that your home is not only convenient and efficient with Loxone but also customized and aesthetically luxurious, just the way you want it. 


With Heyo Smart, your Loxone system becomes the central hub of your smart home, bringing everything together seamlessly for a truly connected living experience.

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