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What Is A Frame TV?

When you're not watching TV, The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art. The Frame comes preloaded with different types of art from various world-renowned artists.


If you're a budding artist yourself, or just want something a bit more personal up on the big screen, you can upload your own photos and display them on The Frame.


To give your gallery even more variety you can purchase additional artwork from the Art Store or a subscription for unlimited access to the vast collection.

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Why Should You Need A Frame TV Mount?

From Television to Masterpiece

With the exclusive Art Mode feature, your TV becomes a canvas for your favorite artworks, NFTs, and personal photo collections. Enjoy a curated exhibition of your choosing, whether it's the art you've subscribed to or purchased from the Samsung Art Store, or your very own NFTs and photos.

Immerse yourself in a gallery-like experience with the

Heyosmart Frame TV Installation Service can transform your downtime into an opportunity to appreciate and showcase your unique taste in art, right in the comfort of your home

Stylish Samsung Bezel Options

Customize not just the color but also the style of your bezel with Heyosmart. Heyosmart makes it easy to achieve a fresh new look in a snap – our interchangeable bezels are magnetic, allowing you to effortlessly switch them at your whim.

Personalize your space, reflect your style, and enjoy the versatility of Heyosmart's Samsung Frame TV Installation Service with Samsung bezel options. More colors, more styles, more you – because your TV should be as unique as your home.

Three Sizes, One Perfect Mount

Discover the ideal solution for your entertainment needs with our versatile mounts – designed to perfectly fit three popular TV sizes.

65 inches

75 inches

85 inches

What’s Inside Our Frame TV Installation Package?

Personalized Consultation

We understand that every space is different, and our consultation service ensures that your Frame TV is mounted with precision and finesse, perfectly complementing your interior while delivering an immersive viewing experience.

Flawless Wire Concealment

Effortlessly achieve a clean, wire-free flush mount for your Frame TV, ensuring a sleek and polished look, with VersaBox installation to discreetly conceal your Frame TV One Connect Box, cable box, or video streaming device.

Comprehensive TV Basic Setup

Thoroughly perform the TV's basic setup, fine-tuning every detail to meet your preferences and specifications.

AV Device Connection & Configuration

Seamlessly connect and configure all AV devices, guaranteeing a hassle-free and integrated entertainment system.

24/7 Post-installation Tech Support

Whether you have questions about optimizing settings, need adjustments, or encounter any concerns, our dedicated support team is just a call away.

Samsung Frame TV Box includes...

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The Frame TV

Slim Fit Wall-Mount

One Connect Cable

One Remote Control

Height Adjustable Stand

One Connect Box

  • Is Heyo Smart is avalible in my area?
    Heyo Smart Services are avalible in many areas of Central NJ and East-Central Pennsylvania at this moment.
  • How do I book a service?
    1. Select the service you need following screen instructions. 2. Choose service questions that best describe your project to receive your price quote. 3. Add a payment to complete your service request. 4. Heyo Smart will confirm your appointment date and time. 5. No worries if something wrong; flexible options are available and a full refund as well when prompted.
  • How fair are service prices?
    Services prices are set based on market price, knowledge, experience, and quality. Heyo Smart provides all options upfront to have no surprises for you. We make sure you know what you pay for.
  • Can I book service on the same day?
    Yes, you can. It all depends on your project complexity. Heyo Smart recommends having some time window to create a no-rush environment and get work done right the first time.
  • How do I schedule my TV delivery and mounting?
    1. Go to the Frame TV Mounting booking page 2. Choose service questions in Service Options that best describe your project to receive your price quote. 3. Choose Staff Member that is closest to your location 4. Add your Payment Information to complete your service request. 5. Heyo Smart will confirm your appointment date and time. 6. No worries if something wrong; flexible options are available and a full refund as well when prompted.
  • Does Heyosmart's service include personalized frame installation?
    No. Heyosmart only covers the installation cost for the magnetic bezel options provided by Samsung. Customers will need to supply the frames they wish to mount, ensuring they match the sizes of the TV models we offer.
  • What size TV can you mount?
    Currently, Heyosmart offers professional Frame TV mounting services for three sizes of Samsung TVs: 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches.
  • Does the frame tv come with a wall mount?
    Yes. In Samsung Frame TV Box, there will be a slim fit wall mount included. We provide all additional hardware and an AV recessed box to make your TV like a complete piece of art on your wall.
  • What wall types support a frame TV wall mounting?
    Frame TVs are typically compatible with various wall types such as drywall, concrete, brick, and plywood. Feel free to contact our team for personalized assistance with your frame TV project.
  • Can the frame tv above a fireplace?
    Yes. Please reach out for on-site inspection as recessed AV wall box installation is far different than regular drywall.
  • How do I add art to my Frame TV?
    1. Ensure your desired custom image is on your phone. 2. Resize it to 3840 x 2160 pixels using our online tool or the Image Size app. 3. Download the Samsung SmartThings app and select your Samsung Frame TV in Art Mode. 4. Add your custom photo from your phone's library. 5. Opt for "Create Mat"; ensure "No Mat" appears for correct sizing. 6. Select "Set" to display your custom image on your TV.
  • Where do I find art for the tv?
    You can find art for the Frame TV in its art gallery called the Art Store. The Art Store offers a collection of over 2,000 pieces, allowing you to browse, purchase, and download your favorite artworks directly to your Samsung Frame TV.
  • Can I upload any photos?
    Yes, you can.
  • Do you offer a bundle service including a frame TV and the TV mounting service?
    Yes. You can get a Frame TV from us, Heyo Smart, and get a discount for our complete high-quality artwork installation service.
  • What other services can come with the frame TV mounting service?
    We can offer related services like soundbar mounting service, audio-video system installation, and network optimization. There are many other services available on
  • Do you offer online/ remote consultations?
    Certainly. We offer consultation services, and you may request assistance through a phone call at (844) 373-6161 or by completing this form.
  • How can you achieve a 100% guarantee of risk assurance?
    Our 100% risk-free assurance is backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by providing a comprehensive assessment of your needs, expert installation by certified professionals, and ongoing support to ensure your TV setup operates smoothly. If you encounter any issues or concerns, our dedicated team is readily available to address them promptly, ensuring you're completely satisfied with your smart home experience. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities, and we stand behind our service with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to display high-quality artwork on your wall?

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