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Power up your ride while going green with Heyo Smart EV Charging!

On-site Consultations

24/7 Post-installation Tech Support

Professional Experts

Timely Service

Why choose Heyo Smart?

Tailored System Design

Based on how you drive, we choose the perfect charger for you. Stop wasting money on unnecessary features and dealing with slow charging times. Trust us, we’ll create a system that’s perfect for you, making sure you charge efficiently and without breaking the bank.

Support for Every Car Brand

Our chargers work with all the big brands and charging standards, so you won’t have any trouble charging any electric vehicle. Drive a Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron, or any other electric car? Look no further than Heyo Smart for expert assistance!

Reduce Energy Use

Find out how you can make smarter energy choices when charging your devices. By integrating your EV charger with smart home systems like Loxone, you can save on electricity costs by charging during off-peak hours. 

100% Monitor Your Energy Use

Keep track of your EV’s charging status in real-time, including progress and estimated completion time. Use scheduled charging to save on electricity and sync with smart homes for automatic charging during sunny times. 



Sustainable Wallbox

Right-Sized Power for You

We look at your electrical setup to find the right charger type, either single-phase or three-phase, to make sure the EV home charger installation goes smoothly and you can charge efficiently. Heyo Smart helps you cut your carbon footprint and makes charging easy for your busy life.

Controlled by Solar Energy

Heyo Smart offers more than just driving. Our team will take care of the EV charging installation and provide ongoing support, so you can enjoy the convenience and savings of solar-powered charging with no hassle. 

LOXONE Control App

Schedule Charging

Our app gives you control over when to charge your device, whether it’s overnight or syncing with your solar panels. Don’t stress about juggling schedules or peak hours anymore - easily schedule charging during off-peak hours and save money on energy bills. 

Solar Integration

Go all-in on clean energy by going solar to power your EV, decreasing reliance on the grid, and boosting sustainable transportation. Our system design makes the most of solar energy, so you don’t have to rely on the grid as much.

Real-time Monitoring

Learn important details about your charging, like progress, estimated time, and how much longer it will take. By tracking your energy consumption, you can make better decisions about when to charge your devices, saving money and using energy more efficiently. 

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We’re not only here for you in the beginning, we’re in it for the long run.


We want to make sure you always get the quickest and most attentive support throughout the entire purchasing process.



We explore your driving behaviors, electrical system specifications, budget factors, and other EV charger installation requirements.


System Design

Whether you require a single-phase or three-phase setup, or desire seamless solar integration, rest assured, we've got you covered every step of the way.


On-site Installation

Safety, efficiency, and a clean setup come first. We’ll make sure your charging solution fits seamlessly into your place.


Post-service support

We don’t just disappear after installation. Our team is always available to help and make sure your charging system keeps meeting your needs.

Don't miss out on solar savings! Get a quote now!

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