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WiFi & Network

Ethernet is an essential part of living nowadays. A strong internet connection is needed to run smart home devices, play on online gaming platforms, use video-streaming services, and catch up on binge watching your favorite movies and shows. To enjoy all the ethernet benefits, you need high internet speed from your internet provider, access to Wi-Fi network throughout your home, and maybe even some ethernet cables in certain locations of the house. But you’re still not getting the speed you want even though you’ve called your internet provider for help just to get (next column)


Boosting Cell Signal & WiFi
for rural areas

(continue) the usual “everything is fine on our end, the cable line is free of errors and your modem has internet signal”. Probably what that means is you need to check all your internet cables, make sure your router is up to date, run a new internet cable, get a Wi-Fi mesh system or maybe something even more advanced if you need rural Wi-Fi internet coverage. Let's start with a simple on-site survey to discover your internet weaknesses and the possibility to build an internet and Wi-Fi network that will cover all your needs. Take the survey today to find answers for all your questions.

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