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Loxone Smart Technology Automation

  • Smart Solutions for: Custom Builds, Remodel, Vacation Home, Apartments & MDUs, Hospitality, Office & Business

  • Lighting control

  • Heating and cooling

  • Security

  • Energy management

  • Access control

  • AV control

  • Shading control

  • Ambient Assisted Living

  • Outdoors

Possibilities are endless for smart automation in any size of custom built-in solutions with room for expansion

loxone smart technology.jpg

Video intercom, Code access, NFC Touch, and app control

Access Control

Loxone access control_edited.png

Wall Mounted iPad for Video intercom and System control, as many as you need

Loxone self-monitored security system.png

Self monitored security system, automated alarm calls to your phone

Loxone alarm.png

Whole house lights and siren alarm

Lighting Control

loxone Smart Switch.png

1 switch may control all lights across entire place, room temperature control, shading control, audio system control, CO2 quality air control

Loxone Smart Lights.png

Lightings control, smooth dimmable lighting, and RGB color lights to match your mood

Loxone motion and presence detection.png

Motion and presence detection, lighting night mode

Heating and Cooling

Loxone smart thermostat.png

Heating and cooling for every room

Loxone smart shades.png

Automated shading control

loxone fan control.png

Automated Ventilation control

Audio and Video control

loxone multiroom audio.png

Audio and Video control for entire home

text to speach.png

Text-to-speech notifications and reminders for every room

loxone speaker alarm.png

Security alarm through all speakers


Loxone pool control.png

Smart Pool Control

Loxone smart irrigation control.png

Smart Irragation control based on schedule and weather forecast

Loxone Outdoor Smart Lights.png

Outdoor and landscape lighting

Loxone outdoor audio.png

Outdoor Audio system

Energy Managment

Solar System Management

loxone energy managment.png

EV Charger Management

Appliances Management

Final Notes

Smart Wireless Technology.png

Wired and Wireless Technology

Loxone Tree Technology.png

Flexibility to add subsystems as you go

Loxone Features.png

 60+ Full Smart Automation Features including geofencing and voice control by Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa

Loxone Automated Tasks.png

LOXONE saves your time over 50,000 tasks yearly and makes your life more convenient and entertaining

Loxone smart kitchen lighting.GIF

Do you like it?

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